Solitude to Camaraderie

Well, guys, I am back with another post of mine. I haven’t yet decided the title of this post. I know that it is something about happiness and peace but I am not able to figure out what is the most appropriate word for describing my current situation. I guess to say it most simply, I feel like I am at the top of the world right now. The gushing sound of this invincible sea, though loud but it inherently brings an unknown feeling of enthusiasm. Currently, I feel as if I can win the whole world if I want to and the secret to this is not any external force I obtained but the inner peace and happiness which fills my throbbing heart to take a leap of faith at every damn thing that I ever wanted to do or say.

I guess one simple Goa trip can be a very eye-opening experience. A group of eight friends, plan to go on a trip, afraid of the fact of never being able to go together because we have stepped into the last semesters of our college, however, this, contrary to belief, marked the beginning of the new humans we emerged after the trip. I was standing in front of the vast ocean stretching infinitely towards the horizon, washing away my feet which were trying to hold back the sands on which my feet seem to stand firm but the ocean was mellifluously depicting a completely different story about our existence. For long I was wondering what mystifying message did the ocean whisper into my ears, however, only recently I was able to figure it out.

After the end of this semester when I finally saw my friends go, stepping towards the more nefarious phase of life, going farther away from me, I realised that all the moments spent laughing, fighting, singing, dancing, eating, bitching, ruining, running, were worth every trouble and penny spent in earning them. Each of them was like the colourful stone of the beautiful Mozaic flooring, which individually had no much significance but when brought together, collectively formed the most serendipitous view. The irony of the situation lies in the fact that I found camaraderie in the solitude of the waves. The ocean told me that no matter how firmly I hold the grudges of the stupidity of each other, the time will always sweep away the pain and make everything back to normal. The ocean told me that no matter how cloudy the weather tends to be, it is my responsibility to be like the sun, because once I turn myself into the beforesaid entity, no clouds will ever be able to hide my presence and I will always be waited by the bystanders, my comrades, to emerge victoriously bright and warm. Just go with your friends, leap of faith, and see yourself victoriously emerging over all your troubles, because you know what, you have your friends to fall upon, just like I have mine. I dedicate this to all my friends before I forget to mention how special they are for me.

To each and everyone I have had a bond no matter how small, you are special for me, especially the ones who are spending their time with me, needless to name them specifically, just two small words for you, THANK YOU <3.



Sitting lonely in the room after missing a test only because you were too lazy to get up from your bed, itself compels you to think harder about what are you doing with your life. Well, that’s when ideas and questions pop up in your head and a self-reflecting thought spreads through your brain like the mist of winter, though not visible yet able to drench your face with its presence, though not visible yet dense enough to blind you while you walk on the roads. This moment of introspection made me ask a question to myself,” Are all the movements I am making towards my aim, a progress?”


The answer was undoubted ‘No’. I remember my mother often saying to me, “Son you can keep running all the time and still reach nowhere. Doing all the things never implies that you are getting all the things done.” Somehow today I read a small line that brought back to me these lines said by my mother. The line read as ‘don’t confuse movement with progress’. Amidst all the people of CSE who are getting a life-changing job and all the people other than them who are struggling to keep a smile on their faces to show as if they don’t care, well the truth is I you and everyone else cares. But I guess that we already are at the rock bottom, and as one of my very good friend says ‘The only way to go after you are at the rock bottom is to go up.’ Moreover what I think is that even when we fail, I suggest that rather than falling back, we should fall forward so that at the very least I will face my failure and look into what I am getting into. I remember that once I read a small piece of life-changing advice that I try to follow.

It suggested that we should always be thankful to God for all that we have. If we look this advice on the surface it seems very fickle and obvious, but when we dive into the depths of it we might find the true wisdom hiding behind these mere words. It suggests that we should be thankful for everything, now the obvious thing we all have to be thankful for are the things we own, but the one we fail to notice is the DESIRE that we carry in our heart to do something. Yes, we have to be thankful for that desire too. The presence of that desire itself implies that we possess the strength to achieve it. we just need to organize our resources in the right direction to achieve it and once we do that, we will not be creating mere movements, we will be striving towards our goal and we will be making progress. So let’s stop moving and start aiming.<3




DEATH- ‘The End’?

Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last post. The world seems quite sad sometimes, I guess especially when we lose someone we love. Recently, I lost my grandfather (maternal), it has been a shock for me and I guess I don’t really know how to react to that news. One one hand, I am happy that my grandfather was relieved of the pain he was going through, yes he was utterly ill, while on the other hand, I feel that it is not fair, I hadn’t spent enough time with him, it’s too early. There are yet many times to go with him to the ‘Parag Dairy’ and insist him to buy me one more ice-cream and then ask him to pack some ‘pedas’ for me; once more say to him that I would marry a girl of my choice and not his and listen to his chide all over again, once more I want to listen to all his old life stories and all of his struggles and ponder how did he become so successful after so many failures and how an he still be so motivated towards the struggles of life.

However, I guess none of this is possible anymore. The phase of my life where I could have freely acted as a kid even though I was twenty-one years of age, cried over small things and fought the old man has come to an end. But today the question that comes to my mind is that is DEATH the end?


I had some time to think over it. It was during the contemplating period when an incident came to my mind. Co-incidentally, it was with my late grandfather. One day we both were sitting together in a room and were having a discussion about the philosophies of life and all that stuff, my grandfather being a ‘Vedanti’ was explaining to me the various aspects of life and I, obviously being STUPID me was trying to give counterexamples to prove his philosophies wrong (however, I was failing every time). Amidst all that conversation, my grandfather suddenly said,”Son, I too am going to die one fine day, and when that happens you need to remember that this is going to happen with each one of us eventually, and we are naturally going to be sad for our loss. But, the fact is that ‘nothing ever is really dead if we look at it right’. No matter how much we love each other, we all from the very moment we are born, we know that we are going to die one fine day, and no matter what we do, we cannot change that fact.”

“But the question is”, he continued,“should we stop living because of the fear of death? Absolutely NO. The fact is that death is merely a means of carrying on life. It is not the death that a man should fear of, but he should fear never beginning to live. And a person is only said to be living if he is happy, and happiness arises from satisfaction. So, son, I will be alive in you as long as you remember that no matter what you have to keep walking on the road of life. People may come and they may go, but your journey should not stop. Death is the destiny, but the question is, have you lived your life to the fullest, have you spent the days you have so well that when you meet your inevitable friend Death, you don’t wish for any more days; death is nothing, it is going to come once and for all, but living an unhappy, inglorious and defeated life is dying every day. I shall be alive in you as long as you remember these…” and before he could complete I interrupted that it is enough for the day and he is not going anywhere and it’s time to go to Parag Dairy for the ice-cream.

Today he is not among us and the worst part is that I couldn’t see him for the last time. But do I really need to do that? He is alive within me and I remember every moment spent with him. I know he loved me and I am sure he knows the same. Though, I won’t say that I am going to see him soon because I am going to live my life to the fullest so that one day when I see him, I do not get scolded for not listening to his commands.



Hi guys! It’s been long since my last post. I guess I was little busy in minding my own business (what most of the people are ignorant of these days). Well, I am back with my new blog; well the reason being that I was unable to solve my puny life problems, I thought it is better to do what I am best at -run away from them.

However, this time again the only good thing that happened in last few months was that this peril again gave me a new topic to write on. It was actually during the struggle to keep the marshal of my relation burning against the storm of foreign invaders, when I realised the life-like beauty of a true relation, be it any relation of friendship or love or anything. What I found was quite serendipitous. These days the definition of a relationship has changed vividly. We are always complaining about the deeds of what the other person has done against us which eventually lead to end of that relationship however, we don’t realise the fact that we ourselves were not completely true to it. Today the main reason of breaking of any bond is that we have given that person the right to keep us happy but we haven’t given them the right to hurt us. Well by this I, by no means mean that we have to give that right to everyone, but to the people, we claim that we are connected the most, they deserve it and it is their right to have that right.



I know people who are best friends and have been in a fight for as long as six months or even a year, yet amidst all the struggle the only thing that remained constant was the love they shared. Irrespective of the fact that the other had the same thing to say every time they sat to resolve their problem and the other had to listen to the same thing every time and the latter did the same mistakes everytime that annoyed the former, they went through that loop again and again without any loss in their affection to keep their relation alive, only because each of them had the belief that it was going to be fine one day.

Amidst all the stars that they had in their sky, each one had only one moon to which they gave their complete attention, though their moon sometime hid behind the cloud, yet their trust always brought back the ineffable love they shared for one another.

This is what I learned in past few weeks and yes if it makes you happy, I too found a good friend amidst all of my puny problems which was a blessing in disguise. So the conclusion of the blog is to keep fighting for the people you care about and just hold onto them, no matter how long it takes for things to be perfectly fine because if you truly care for them, they deserve that and that is the only fair price for your relation. ❤

SACRIFICE: Imbue life in death.

Hey guys, this time I’m back with my another blog. Well, I guess it is not much of my talent, the much portion of credit goes to the life screeching cold winds and the dove grey sky compelling you to get in the cosy warm arms of the blanket to wait for the return of the ambient holiness of the sunshine from the foggy surroundings to once again turn your pale cold face to a spring drenched smiling face and the smell of the love pouring out from the gajar ka halwa is actually capable of bringing out the motivation to write something within you.

The motivation however, to write was the result of the very minute act of my mother, which in general cases won’t even qualify to be called as a sacrifice but yes, this soul freezing winters turn every small act of leaving the warm blanket into a sacrifice. Yes, that was the motivation of the topic, it is then I realized that it is the sacrifice made by the ones who love us make our life worth living. Every time when we are losing the battle against the struggles of life, one of our loved ones makes a sacrifice so that we can win, however we are incapable to recognize the efforts of them because of the mere bandana of unwanted reason over their eyes. It is always said that if you can’t sacrifice your love for your loved ones, you don’t love them enough. Giving up all you don’t need is not sacrifice but just mere disposal, but sacrifice is being brave enough to lay down something bigger than you yourself, sometimes it is giving up everything you have ever loved, you have ever cared for; for the sake of something greater. It not only involves giving up, but sometimes it involves nothing more than gritting your teeth through pain, and the work of every day, the slow walk toward a better life.


We need to understand that it is not that we always lose while sacrificing, but it is achieving something greater, we are simply passing it onto someone else. It is not meant to regret but to something to aspire. When you are willing to make sacrifices and compromise for someone, it is amidst all that struggle you go through where you feel true love and as far as I know, it is all love that we are all living for.

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since my last post. I was wondering if my last blog was the very end of my new beginning. Well, I guess I just survived the doom and came out with a new blog.



Like always, this time too I had a hard time thinking of the topic. Wandering around the dusty grounds of my small campus and breathing the twinkling beauty of the stars and kissing the cold wind waving my skin, I accidentally came across the strongest weapon gifted to us by the almighty – HOPE. Hope is something that infuses our life with action. Amongst all the finite obstacles we face, the only constant infinite is our hope to overcome every stumbling block.

We often wish to have some sort of superhuman powers, barely realizing that we already are bestowed with the strongest power one could offer us. There is no night in this entire universe which can defeat the sunrise of hope. We all have noticed that whenever we are on the verge of giving up on a task, be it anything like solving a problem or trying on a girl, a fire within us asks us to give up the next time we try because maybe we win this time. Well my friends, this undying fire is the HOPE. The only ravishing truth of life. Hope is the only thing that binds up the valour of every soldier fighting on the border, hope is the only motivation for any person which gives him a consolation that today would be better than yesterday and tomorrow would bhi even better than today,  hope is the only living force in any human who has lost their loved ones. It’s just a small lurking hope in our hearts for all our desires that maybe one fine day we get all we wish for.

Alas! The strength we talked so long about is also our biggest weakness. The foolish human nature, defying even the surest proofs to accept the easier lies hoping the bitter truths are false. The shackles of false hope clung with all their might till we are proven wrong in all measures giving rise to the unbearable misery, and then once again we go through the same maze of mistakes to bear everything once more.

Well I guess it’s really difficult to figure out that what hope really is? Our greatest strength or monstrous weakness…..

The True Essence of “LOVE”

Hi guys, well it’s been a long time since my last post. This time I thought of writing about something more relevant than my last few topics; however, I couldn’t find anything practical. It is then I met a bumble bee ‘on the verge of death’ which agreed to tell me its story on a condition that I let the bee depict its story. Well I didn’t have much of a choice. Thereby, the following story is the first-hand experience of a bee.

“Hey friends, it’s me the bumble bee. I hope you are all doing well; meanwhile I’m waiting for my death I would like to share the story of my unreciprocated love. I may seem small powerless but I have some mind boggling powers. I am often referred as a Carpenter Bee (bhavra in Hindi). The reason behind that being that I have a strength to pierce any block of wood easily and pass through; a power possessed by few. But as Jamie Lannister says, ‘The things I do for love…’. In my case I give away my life. We bees as a community have a bad habit of gulping the dulcet nectar of my beloved ‘the Lotus’. Today I once again came for the same on the ethereal lap of my beloved, sipping the divine elixir. However today I got the opportunity to test the love of my beau. It’s sundown and my sweetheart has closed her lilt, lissom, redolent doors and I am trapped inside her bosom, which I can perforate easily and pave a way to my freedom, but NO!! I don’t wish for my freedom by killing the mortal soul I love the most. The oxygen inside the lotus isn’t enough to keep me alive till the aurora; when the petals will unfold themselves again. So I have accepted my beautiful end in the lap of my beloved with a hope that maybe one fine day she will understand my sacrifice, one fine day she will make an exception for me and go against the rule of nature for LOVE as I am going against my nature of survival and let me escape to freedom, maybe one fine day. In any case I am sure she knows that I will never harm her and always prove my love to her and die as many times required to protect her. I don’t ask for lot of limelight but I wish my story shall be propagated so that the people know that the trues essence of love doesn’t lie in its reciprocation but lies in loving with a selfless will to love and sacrifice, if required.”