‘SUCCESS’- A Desire Of Every Heart

Success- a thing for which our heart craves.

It was on the airport while my mother was shedding of her pearls from her pale sorrowful eyes, waving me from her quivering hands, her silence sonorous enough to aquiver the heavens; pouring out her ineffable love by muttering, khush raho beta…jeete rho…safal raho…”


Safal or  Success, then I sat morosely contemplating about its true connotation. Success is just like a white light which iridescents into its component colors coloring different lives with different colors. Some of us consider ourselves  successful just by earning a lot of money (like me) , some regard themselves successful if they find themselves a girlfriend (like me :p) , some will consider themselves successful when they make a MANDIR and some by defending their MASJID , some by killing people and some by saving people,  some by inventing things and some by destroying them ; and so on and so forth. The list goes on. The shade of success is similar to infinite music compositions made by just seven notes, a different tune for every different combination. 

Anyway, there lies a deeper aspect of it. My state of contemplating in seclusion was muddled by an old couple who was seeking some help, which I did of course. It was then I savvied that our lives , ephemeral as a shooting star, shall be buried into the ocean of oblivion ; the only thing capable to linger is our memories -made by our deeds. The true essence of success lies in swaying the lives of people positively. You are successful if you have family and friends who care about you ; you are successful if you have the strength to forgive the unforgiving ; bring a smile to a crying face and you are qualified to be called successful ; help the people deprived from their share of happiness and you become ready to join the list ; to terse you can say that if we in any way are working for the greater good of HUMANITY, we are worthy to be called SUCCESSFUL. 


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