The True Essence of “LOVE”

Hi guys, well it’s been a long time since my last post. This time I thought of writing about something more relevant than my last few topics; however, I couldn’t find anything practical. It is then I met a bumble bee ‘on the verge of death’ which agreed to tell me its story on a condition that I let the bee depict its story. Well I didn’t have much of a choice. Thereby, the following story is the first-hand experience of a bee.

“Hey friends, it’s me the bumble bee. I hope you are all doing well; meanwhile I’m waiting for my death I would like to share the story of my unreciprocated love. I may seem small powerless but I have some mind boggling powers. I am often referred as a Carpenter Bee (bhavra in Hindi). The reason behind that being that I have a strength to pierce any block of wood easily and pass through; a power possessed by few. But as Jamie Lannister says, ‘The things I do for love…’. In my case I give away my life. We bees as a community have a bad habit of gulping the dulcet nectar of my beloved ‘the Lotus’. Today I once again came for the same on the ethereal lap of my beloved, sipping the divine elixir. However today I got the opportunity to test the love of my beau. It’s sundown and my sweetheart has closed her lilt, lissom, redolent doors and I am trapped inside her bosom, which I can perforate easily and pave a way to my freedom, but NO!! I don’t wish for my freedom by killing the mortal soul I love the most. The oxygen inside the lotus isn’t enough to keep me alive till the aurora; when the petals will unfold themselves again. So I have accepted my beautiful end in the lap of my beloved with a hope that maybe one fine day she will understand my sacrifice, one fine day she will make an exception for me and go against the rule of nature for LOVE as I am going against my nature of survival and let me escape to freedom, maybe one fine day. In any case I am sure she knows that I will never harm her and always prove my love to her and die as many times required to protect her. I don’t ask for lot of limelight but I wish my story shall be propagated so that the people know that the trues essence of love doesn’t lie in its reciprocation but lies in loving with a selfless will to love and sacrifice, if required.”


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