Hey guys, it’s been a long time since my last post. I was wondering if my last blog was the very end of my new beginning. Well, I guess I just survived the doom and came out with a new blog.



Like always, this time too I had a hard time thinking of the topic. Wandering around the dusty grounds of my small campus and breathing the twinkling beauty of the stars and kissing the cold wind waving my skin, I accidentally came across the strongest weapon gifted to us by the almighty – HOPE. Hope is something that infuses our life with action. Amongst all the finite obstacles we face, the only constant infinite is our hope to overcome every stumbling block.

We often wish to have some sort of superhuman powers, barely realizing that we already are bestowed with the strongest power one could offer us. There is no night in this entire universe which can defeat the sunrise of hope. We all have noticed that whenever we are on the verge of giving up on a task, be it anything like solving a problem or trying on a girl, a fire within us asks us to give up the next time we try because maybe we win this time. Well my friends, this undying fire is the HOPE. The only ravishing truth of life. Hope is the only thing that binds up the valour of every soldier fighting on the border, hope is the only motivation for any person which gives him a consolation that today would be better than yesterday and tomorrow would bhi even better than today,  hope is the only living force in any human who has lost their loved ones. It’s just a small lurking hope in our hearts for all our desires that maybe one fine day we get all we wish for.

Alas! The strength we talked so long about is also our biggest weakness. The foolish human nature, defying even the surest proofs to accept the easier lies hoping the bitter truths are false. The shackles of false hope clung with all their might till we are proven wrong in all measures giving rise to the unbearable misery, and then once again we go through the same maze of mistakes to bear everything once more.

Well I guess it’s really difficult to figure out that what hope really is? Our greatest strength or monstrous weakness…..


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  1. Hope can be monstrous at times, but surely never a weakness. When they shatter, they should pain, because every time they do, they scold you for not putting up the commensurate efforts and/or expecting too much from someone or something. It is like a guardian, a well wisher who supports you in your fight for your goal and also punishes you emotionally for going wrong at certain points of time, so that you regulate the hopes and efforts you associate with your goals the next time you try.
    Loved the way you write! Awesome use of words. Keep going!


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